Two Free Couples Workshops!


Come find out more about the Couples Retreat at these free workshops!


September 4th at 7:30pm at Skylight Counseling Center

September 14th at 1:30pm at Full Bloomed Lotus


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Bring Your Relationship Into The Present Moment:

A Couples Retreat


Deepen your love and improve your connection at this couples retreat in beautiful Troncones Mexico. Retreat participants will engage in powerful experiences that will transform your relationship, improve communication and increase loving-kindness between you and your partner. For couples who are stuck, lacking connection, or who want to just improve their intimacy and closeness, this retreat offers a rare opportunity to grow and improve your relationship while unplugging from day-to-day stress. This retreat is like a year of couples counseling condensed into one week! The safe and supportive retreat environment will allow for major change in your relationship and bring your love into the present moment.



November 1-8, 2014



The Present Moment Resort and Spa

Troncones Guerro, Mexico



$2095 per couple if registered before September 15

$2295 per couple if registered after September 15

Cost includes accommodations, breakfast and lunch daily, massage, activities, adventure excursion, yoga and daily programming. Airfare is not included. Financial aid is available upon request.


To Register:

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For more information contact:

David Klow at 847-529-8300 x 1 or



David Klow is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and in private practice at Skylight Counseling Center. He is also an Affiliate Psychotherapist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. David has worked extensively with couples to help them deepen their love and transform their relationship.


Ann Brown is a registered nurse with her own healing practice, Mystic Heart Healing. She is a graduate of Georgetown University with a specialization in women’s health. Her practice encompasses health and wellness consulting, healing touch and spiritual counseling. Ann’s focus during this retreat is to help men and women to experience a greater authenticity, joy and intimacy in their relationships with each other.