Rolanda Brown



About Rolanda

Rolanda is in the end stages of completing her Masters of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy at Adler University. Rolanda joins Skylight Counseling Center as an intern with specialized skill and interest in helping women, couples and families to heal attachment traumas and to strengthen relational bonds with self and significant loved ones using an empirically validated experiential approach to therapy. 

Rolanda is experienced as being a warm, empathic, and authentic in her approach to collaboratively working with individuals, couples, and families to explore relational issues within self and between self and others. She creates a warm and inviting space in which clients encounter a safe, nurturing, and understanding environment in which to feel valued and to safely engage in the process of relational healing.

Rolanda’s educational and professional background additionally includes having a Master’s of Science in Psychology and a Bachelors of Science in Human Service Management. Rolanda also has more than 10 years of professional and volunteer experience in community outreach and working with disadvantaged youths and families in marginalized communities.