Energy Awareness Training

​​​​​​​for Health Professionals


Course Description

This course is designed to instruct health professionals to enhance awareness of their energy field, including the three dan tians, and the chakra system.  Participants will learn how to ground and cultivate energy as well as center and balance themselves.  Students will be able to assess their own imbalances and restore them through high sense perception, meditative practice and intention. The result will be to become more present with patients/clients, less reactive to challenging situations, and more resilient to burnout.  As we clear ourselves, we are more available to guidance, intuition and life force energy.  This is an opportunity to transform a patient’s session into a healing phenomenon for both therapist and client.

A Call to Transform your Practice

Most of us have chosen our health profession due to a calling from the heart. Over time and years of work, this call may be hushed to a whisper or not heard at all. This course is designed to clear ourselves energetically to that we can remember the call of our hearts once again and hear the subtle whispers of guidance being offered. Through lecture, guided meditation, and sharing, we are clearing, cultivating and aligning our energy fields.  As we transform blockages and constrictions in our energy centers, we become a vessel for the Light. By aligning our intentions to a higher calling, we transform the nature of our interactions with our clients and patients.  This is an invitation to take your work deeper and make it more fulfilling for both you and those you touch.

Who This is For

This course is designed for health professionals. The following professionals are able to receive CEU’s:​​​​​​​



Athletic Trainer


Dentists/Dental Hygienist


Marriage and Family Counselor

Massage Therapist

Nurse (APN, RN, LPN)

Nursing Home Administrator

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist


Respiratory Therapist

Social Worker

Program Instructor

Carla Gorsky, CMT, has been in private practice providing massage therapy and spiritual healing since 1979, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain. She is licensed in Massage Therapy in the State of Illinois, a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork. She has completed training at the Center for Advanced Bodywork in Chicago and has integrated Structural Therapy into her practice. Carla is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and completed the Energy Mastery School with Robert T. Jaffe, M.D. She has completed a Teacher Internship Program with Dr. Jaffe at the Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical

Healing and is a certified Sufi Teacher. Most recently, Carla has been teaching workshops on energy awareness, heart meditation, spiritual growth, and a body/mind/spirit approach to the mastery of golf. More information about Carla can be found at

Program Content

There are 12 segments (2 hours each) to complete this 24 CEU training:


Learning objective:  Student will receive an overview of the course.  Discuss the limitations of our five senses and the value of high sense perception. Explore the relationship between the human energy field, emotional states and patient interactions. Perform an energetic scan on themselves to begin to perceive their internal landscape. Discuss the importance of daily practice.


Learning Objective: Learn to identify when they are grounded and when they are not grounded. Perform a grounding technique to enhance magnetic connection with the Earth.  Become more fully present during their interactions with clients.


Learning Objective: To explain the relationship between breath, energy and consciousness. To list impediments to proper breathing.  Recognize reactivity through awareness of breath and cultivate vitality/energy from natural breathing.


Learning objective: To describe the basic anatomy of the energy field and perform a clearing of “static” energy from their field.  Minimize emotional content from personal issues or past sessions.


Learning objective: To locate and describe the three Dan Tians. To perform the cultivation of chi in the Lower Dan Tian.  Discover capacity for unlimited energy to avoid burnout and encourage a long career.


Learning objectives:  To identify and describe the seven major chakras. To perform a chakra evaluation on oneself. Balance the emotions before approaching a client.


Learning objectives:  To explain vibrational states of being used in healing. To transmits vibrational states of being energetically.  To adjust ones energy field to maximize healing response in the client.


Learning objectives: To identify and describe the major points in the Sacred Meridian. To be able to align ones Sacred Meridian energetically. To become clear in one’s intentions.


Learning objective:  To list and discuss the value of centering consciousness in the heart. To demonstrate shifting to heart focus at will. To cultivate the heart of compassion and empathy.


Learning objective:  To explain how guidance is revealed through body signals. To discuss the distinction of the voices in our head.  To become more intuitive in order to deepen connection with client.


Learning objective:  To describe the life pulse as taught in mystical traditions and to recognize one’s contraction or expansion.  To perform an expansion of the inner light. To recognize energy fluctuations and cultivate self-acceptance.


Learning objective:  To describe energy etiquette when working with a client. To learn boundaries necessary with advanced perception.  To design, refine and cultivate a daily practice. 



10am to Noon

April 18 through July 11

(no class on July 4)


Skylight Counseling Center

5225 Old Orchard Rd., Suite 37
Skokie, IL 60077


$600 for 12 weeks (before March 15)

$700 for 12 weeks (after March 15)

Includes 24 CEU's

Payment Plans Available

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