Karolina Kowal



About Karolina

Karolina is in her final year of the Counseling M.A. program at The Family Institute at Northwestern University and has joined Skylight Counseling Center as an intern.  A focus of Karolina's approach is to help her clients feel empowered in the therapeutic process through self-knowledge.   She incorporates mindfulness techniques to help her clients explore the deeper connections between their emotional and physical experiences.

Karolina believes that creating a working alliance based on the unique needs of each client is the best way to promote healing.  Prior to joining Skylight Karolina had the opportunity to work with individuals coping with various life challenges such as depression, anxiety, loss, identity formation, relationship issues, and histories of trauma at the Bette D. Harris Clinic at The Family Institute.

In addition to her work at Skylight Counseling Center, Karolina continues to see clients at the Bette D. Harris Clinic at The Family Institute and is also involved with the Mental Health Human Rights Clinic, which provides mental health evaluations for asylum seekers who have endured trauma in their countries of origin. Karolina is also actively training in Reiki to further her understanding of the mind-body connection.


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