Zac Palmer


Zac Palmer

About Zac

Currently completing his degree in Couple and Family Therapy, Zac holds clinical interests in self-esteem and feelings of insecurity, parent-child relations, sibling relations, relational ethics, transnational family adjustments, childhood trauma, and trauma due to systemic oppression.

As a Wilderness Adventures Leader, Zac witnessed how experience itself is at the heart of change. In therapy, he strives to create a life-giving and sacred space for clients to foster courage to take risks for change. In Uganda at the Mukono Child Development center, Zac learned how familial, societal, governmental systems impact mental health.

Given the impacts of systemic injustice, Zac is committed to acknowledging and acting upon power dynamics as they show up in therapy and within his clients’ lives.

As he connects with his clients, Zac attends to patterns that no longer serve them and their relationships. With Zac you can expect to slow down and mindfully approach these patterns, which often meet your needs but may also be attempts to heal past wounds. Through
conversation around self, relationships, and community, Zac introduces new ways of relating that foster change and growth. He looks forward to exploring your journey with you.